H. Rossell & Co.
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Type 48

This underprint is believed to belong to the firm Henry Rossell and Co. an Engineering firm trading from:

    Waverly Works,
    Effingham Road,


1873. Unofficial underprint type 48 (over the gum) in black.

PP167 1/2d rose-red (SG 48 or G4)
Plate 1

PP168 1d lake-red (SG 43 or G1)
Plates 140, 168, 170, 184, 191 and 198


A single perfin has been identified as belonging to this firm.  I do not have an illustration of the perfin but it is referenced in Tomkins as:

Cat No. Letters
H6160.01 H.R./Co. Ld.

See the Philatelic Links and References page for more information on Perfins.

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