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Type 27

The origin of this underprint is unknown at the present time but one of the most likely users appears to be the firm Harry Hall.

They were Tailors advertising themselves as The Coats & Breeches Specialist trading from two locations in London:

    London W.


    London E.C.


1869. Unofficial underprint type 27 (over the gum) in black.

PP85 1d lake-red (SG 43 or G1)
Plates 124, 154, 171, 186, 188 and 198

Plates 171, 188 and 198 have been found unused.

PP85a 1d lake-red (SG43 or G1).  Stamp without underprint but with offset (i.e. reversed) on face.
Plate 198

Note.  The above is my numbering as this stamp is currently unlisted by Stanley Gibbons.

PP86 2d blue (SG 45 or G3)
Plates 13 and 14

Plates 13 and 14 have been found unused.


A single perfin has been identified as belonging to this firm.  I do not have an illustration of the perfin but it is referenced in Tomkins as:

Cat No. Letters
H3130.02 H.H.

See the Philatelic Links and References page for more information on Perfins.

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